About Us


QSL Gas and Power Limited (QSL-GP) is an indigenous Energy Company, with a fresh and innovative approach to providing gas and power solutions. We distribute Natural Gas for a wide range of industrial and power generation applications including captive & embedded power generation, Industrial Heating and as Feedstock for Gas Based Industries etc.

Focused on the downstream energy value chain, QSL-GP implements the mandate to carry out Gas distribution to end users in Nigeria, especially within Edo and Ondo States, working in collaboration with the Nigerian Gas Marketing Company Limited (NGMC).

QSL Gas and Power Limited (QSL-GP) is a customer focused energy Company with a strong commitment towards an accelerated and effective gas development program for our End users. In this regard, we adopt the very best management and operational practices to drive sustainable energy provision. In a technology driven world, we are big on business and operational efficiency, which is backed up by a fully digitized business and service delivery process.

The Future Is Here

Natural Gas continues to play a vital role in the global drive towards a low carbon economy. The share of Natural gas in global power generation continues to increase at steady levels, with Natural gas estimated to be the most dominant fossil fuel over the next century.

Given the richness of Nigeria’s Gas reserves, QSL Gas and Power Limited is confident that sustained gas expansion and utilization is now key to drive industrialization and energy sustainability in Nigeria.

We are therefore poised to bring the Future much closer to our reality!

Our Vision

To become the foremost gas marketing, distribution and power company in Nigeria and Africa at large, providing gas and power solutions through exceptional world-class service delivery to its customers.

Our Mission

To establish a world class gas marketing, distribution and power company that consistently renders first class services to its customers, through our commitment to quality, best practices and the highest standards.

Our Quality Statement

QSL Gas & Power focuses on teamwork, professionalism, hard-work and commitment to customers’ satisfaction.

QSL Gas & Power is committed to delivering exceptional solutions that meet and even surpass its customer’s requirements, through the work of her highly trained and dedicated personnel and continuous conformity with rules, regulations and ethical standards.

Our Core Values

  • People: Our most prized asset
  • Excellence: We strive for the very best in our dealings
  • Professionalism: Technical capability – project execution & operational expertise.
  • Security: Ensures people and facilities are protected.
  • Safety: No harm to people (employees the host community residents) and environment.
Management Team