Advantages of QSL-GP as a Gas Supply Partner

  • QSL-GP has immediately available gas for supply.
  • QSL-GP can bear the costs for all the gas Infrastructure, including the development of all the interconnection pipelines and distribution infrastructure, including the Pressure Reduction and Metering Stations.
  • QSL-GP offers a Sector-specific Pricing System; which means that the strategic NGMC-QSL Collaboration operates a flexible gas pricing model that is based on specific industry imperatives.
  • QSL-GP makes it easy for customers to prepare for gas off-take by facilitating equipment selection, OEM relationships and other preparatory arrangements.
  • QSL-GP can also contribute resources, technical data and advice towards project development, in order to ensure speedy project completion and the overall success of development activities.
  • QSL-GP assures asset reliability and integrity with our O & M services; and also offers business development and other value-adding services for quick set-up new industries and power projects gas supply. We also can help in carrying out pre-connection energy and power usage audits.

Resultant Business Advantage for Customers

  • QSL-GP’s agile set-up means that asset development and gas supply activities and efforts are synchronized as soon as possible with off-taker.
  • QSL is very accessible and will work with your modalities for expedited gas & power delivery for speedy time-to-market of 80 days.
  • Cost – Additional savings from better pricing that will immediately drive up the businesses’ profitability.
  • QSL-GP brings on board much more than just gas and power development; QSL is bringing on-board, project management, asset O & M, enterprise/capacity-building and business process management skillsets
  • QSL-GP is modelling the numerous success stories in NGMC/Operator venture collaboration, with many successful partnerships of over 20 years
  • Reliability, Predictability and Control – QSL Gas & Power Ltd. will ensure reliable & sustainable gas supply