Employment policy, equality and diversity

We are committed to international best practices in all of our operations. To support the achievement of this objective, the we recognize the importance of employing the highest quality candidates for all vacant positions. The company utilizes reliable assessment tools and techniques to select qualified employees who meet very high standards of competence and who share its core values.

Our overriding priority is to build and sustain a world-class working environment that encourages, incentivizes and motivates our people to develop their skills and experience in order to attain our wider business goals. We provide a secure working environment which is safe and devoid of any form of intolerant behavior.

Career development & opportunities

All of our hard-working and talented employees are given carefully structured personal plans to enhance their professional development, which also serve as a guide to further decision-making. Certified training courses, based on need or competence gaps for staff, are also offered on an ongoing basis.