Our Competitive Advantage

Why Choose Us

QSL-GP brings on board much more than just gas and power development; QSL is bringing on-board, project management, asset O & M, enterprise/capacity-building and business process management skillsets. We have worked on several projects on ‘energy delivery to Industrial corridors`, hence we have enormous capacity to provide full scale ‘energy to Industry’ integration under the Industrial parks/estate models

QSL-GP’s agile set-up means that asset development and gas supply activities and efforts are synchronized as soon as possible with off-taker

QSL-GP is very accessible and will work with your modalities for expedited gas & power delivery for speedy time-to-market of 80 days

With Reliability, Predictability and Control – QSL Gas & Power Ltd. will ensure reliable & sustainable gas supply with excellent O&M performance

We operate a flexible gas pricing tailored towards sectoral gas requirement; this means we can afford you additional savings from better pricing that will immediately drive up your businesses’ profitability.

We support gas facility integration including equipment selection, OEM engagements etc.

Other value-adding services including pre-connection energy usage audits, etc.